When will you start my order?

5 – 10 Business days after payment is received.

When do I receive my leads?

24 hours after the call to your prospect was made.

How will I receive my leads?

Your leads are delivered to you via email, with a .csv and .pdf attachment for your convenience.

What lead types do you offer?

Currently we’re offering detailed and exclusive medicare, turning 65, and final expense leads.

Are my leads exclusive?

Yes, we personalize your leads to state your company name, this is done to help remind the prospect who will be calling them back.

What if my prospect claims to have never taken a survey?

Don’t worry! We’ll pull the recording, and have a listen to see what occurred during the phone call, to deem whether or not to replace your lead.

Do you have a satisfactory guaranteed policy?

We always strive for client satisfaction, if you may have troubles with your lead, give your sales representative a call, or call us at anytime during business hours (321) 323-3240.

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