Lead Generation Services We Provide

Orbus Marketing has created a Health Insurance Survey Lead that has been tested and proven, is extremely cost-effective and far superior to any other lead offered in the insurance industry. Our leads offer so much detailed information regarding the prospect that it will allow your agent to spend 25% more time selling.

Our Lead Survey quality is so high you will be able to leverage that to increase agent recruiting and retention. Our Lead Survey costs will allow you to reduce your current lead costs by 30% or more. The true effectiveness of a Orbus Marketing Survey Lead is the tremendous boost it will give to your business.

Detailed Lead Survey Information

  1. Name
  2. Address
  3. Phone Number
  4. Age
  5. Approximate Household Income
  6. Current Medicare Company Provider
  7. Current Premium
  8. Are They Receiving Government Assistance?
  9. Tobacco use or not?
  10. Spouses Identical Information (if living)
  11. Additional Health Information (usually revealed 50% of the time)
  12. Prospect Expects a Medicare Specialist to be Calling Them within 7 Days

Since #6 thru #12 have such detailed and pertinent information, this lead becomes a data capturing lead, a true closing lead, a lead that has a phenomenal shelf life and a lead that will feel as fresh to the fifth agent as it did to the first agent.


Response Mailer Leads

As you know, the most widely used leads in the insurance industry are response mailer leads. These leads are usually misleading, with headings saying “Government Changes”. Prospects are then enticed to fill out a card by offering them a free booklet or gift. This is done so the lead company can receive a higher lead return percentage, without regard for the quality of the lead. The cost for this type of lead is $420 per 1,000 Piece Mailer, with a 1.5% return = 15 leads = $30 per lead.

Internet Leads

A cheap and ineffective web based lead where the consumer was searching for specific information on a product, but found themselves coaxed into filling out information, resulting in suddenly being bombarded with multiple agents calling them.