Who We Call:

We call Individuals when developing our leads, we speak with people regarding their own personal insurance or financial needs. Leads are generated by speaking with individuals who are receptive and willing to answers our questions regarding their current insurances.

How We Call:

A market research approach is used to generate each kind of lead. For instance, prospecting for a lead begins with asking questions regarding their insurance coverage a person has and gathering information on that coverage. Then, personal information is gathered such as current insurance carriers, current premium, age and health conditions.

The Pitch:

About a minute into the phone conversation, each prospect who meets the qualifications of your order is now solicited. Our professional telemarketers personally and cheerfully offer the person the opportunity to benefit from your services. Each lead willingly agrees to receive a call from you and knows she/he will hear their options on their policies.

The Benefit to You:

You will receive a lead that is extremely detailed from the information provided by the prospect. Our marketers do all the labor-intensive work for you by reaching out to these prospects and finding those who are receptive and willing to share their current insurance information with us. Most of our agents use these leads to set face-to-face appointments. However, some simply drop in to see the person obviously this is up to the discretion of how the agent would like to utilize their leads. Once the connection is made, you are able to work your “sales magic” adding to your book of business.

What Makes Orbus Better?

When a new financial professional calls us, the first question they ask is, “How much does it cost?” Then they ask, “What makes your leads better?” Well, what does make an Orbus Telemarketing lead better?

First, you are receiving fresh and exclusive leads. We generate every lead that we send to you that very same day. You will never receive a lead that was created for another agent or pulled from the internet. Similarly, we will never sell your leads to another agent. We become your affiliates and work for you from the ground up.

Once the prospect is qualified, the marketer introduces you and/or your company. We then ask if the prospect is willing to receive a call from you to discuss their insurance and/or options they may have available to them. If the prospect says “yes” then we gather contact and detailed information and send you the lead. If the prospect says “no”, we thank them for their time and move on to the next call. In a sales environment, rebuttals are required to earn the sale. In lead generation, rebuttals make for weak leads. That is why we restrict our marketers from any type of pressure for a return call.

Our support does not end with delivering the lead. We are always here to answer any questions or address any concerns you have. Our company has experience in creating these quality leads. We are even happy to help our clients by coaching on the best ways to work your leads.